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J.W. “Bill” Marriott, Jr. chairman and chief executive officer of Marriott hotels and Marriott timeshare, has joined other leaders in the travel, hotel, and timeshare resort industries in asking Congress and the Administration to build a bipartisan alliance and address the growing US energy crisis.

In an open letter to the President, Senators, and Representatives, tourism industry spokespeople called on lawmakers to stay in Washington DC throughout the summer in order to develop a comprehensive national energy policy.

MarketWatch quoted Bill Marriott as saying that the family budgets of Americans are being squeezed by higher gas prices at the pump and more expensive airline seats. Marriott pointed out that flights are being cut and that nine small or mid-sized air carriers have ceased operations in the past year alone creating a “huge ripple effect affecting the entire travel industry,” including hotels, car rentals companies, cruise lines, amusement parks, national parks, taxis, restaurants, travel agents, shops, and other types of retailers or travel related services.

As Bill Marriott, the patriarchal head of Marriott hotels and Marriott timeshares says of the lawmakers, “They shouldn’t be going home in August while travelers in America are finding it harder and harder to go anywhere.”

…Good point, why should your elected officials be on holiday during August when you can’t afford to be?

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