Timeshare Points Systems – How Do They Work?

Timeshare points can be confusing when you first try to understand them. Each timeshare company runs their points system differently and gives their timeshare points different values. Sometimes as one way of distinguishing that they use a points based system, rather than timeshare real estate ownership, a timeshare company will call itself a vacation club.

But in basic terms, timeshare points function like currency. Timeshare points offer a way for you to accumulate ‘currency’ from year to year, allowing you the spending power to vacation at larger timeshares or more desirable locations than the timeshare you originally purchased. In many cases, timeshare points can also be used to purchase other travel services, such as airline tickets or cruises. It all depends on your timeshare company, and their options and restrictions on timeshare points.

Some timeshare owners are surprised to learn that timeshare points also can be sold. Yes, you can resell timeshare points in much the same way you sell deeded or right to use timeshares. And timeshare points don’t always come from a timeshare developer. Your timeshare exchange company can issue timeshare points as well. If the flexibility of owning timeshare points appeals to you, look into owning RCI Multi-destination timeshare points, purchased in the resale marketplace.

For more on the topic of timeshare points, watch this short Timeshare Authority informational video, posted on YouTube: