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We’ve never made it a secret. Our approach to getting timeshare sellers and timeshare renters the best possible visibility on the World Wide Web for their advertised timeshare property has involved using the best strategies of internet marketing. Sell My Timeshare NOW works to stay on the cutting edge of internet and search engine optimization, so that when you let us advertise your timeshare resale or timeshare rental, you have maximum internet visibility to a marketplace of interested timeshare buyers and timeshare renters.

But the internet continues to change, transforming itself and how people use it. As these changes happen, we keep expanding our offerings to you so that you will always have a timely and reliable resource for the newest and most comprehensive timeshare information. The Timeshare Authority blog has been a frontrunner in timeshare industry communication for almost five years. No one else has a timeshare news and information update, published over 300 times per year, except here at The Timeshare Authority blog.

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The SellMyTimeshareNOW Forum is a great place to exchange ideas with other timeshare owners or ask questions and leave comments. Soon we’ll be adding a Facebook fan site as another way to expand our social media presence and provide more formats of communication for timeshare buyers, sellers, renters, owners, and everyone involved in the timeshare industry or interested in timesharing.

Web 2.0 and the surge in social media is exciting. It means that advertising and marketing is no longer industry driven, but is instead defined, and constantly redefined — as it should be — by the consumers who use it.

Follow this link to read the Sell My Timeshare NOW press release, Sell My Timeshare NOW Uses Social Media Marketing to Fill an Important Need among Timeshare Vacationers