A Post-Hurricane Look at Cayman Island Timeshares

With the memory of Hurricane Ivan (2004) still fresh in the mind of many Cayman Island residents, people there prepared for the worst from Hurricane Dean. But the eye of Hurricane Dean passed nearly 120 miles south-southwest of Grand Cayman Island, leaving residents and tourists who had not evacuated to sigh in relief.

According to the Cayman Net News, two Members of the Legislative Assembly assessed the Bodden Town District on Monday after Dean had passed through and they reported no structural damage or injuries to persons in the area. Police officials said there were also no reported injuries on Grand Cayman.

Hurricane Ivan caused over $2 billion in damages to the Caymans and left 85 percent of the homes damaged and 25 percent uninhabitable. In many cases, repairs are still ongoing, and the Cayman Islands probably could not have prepared, either emotionally or economically, to endure another direct hit.

Thanks again to the people at Storm Carib blog for their updates. While the Timeshare Owners Blog has little other specific information to offer about the status of Cayman Island timeshares, it would appear that the following timeshare resorts have received minimal damage from the storm:

Hurricane Warning

US citizens can always obtain updates about travel to the Cayman Islands and other locations on the travel advisory webpages for the US Department of State. A US Consular Officer is available in the Cayman Islands to assist US citizens traveling there.

Because the Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory, there is no British diplomatic or consular representation there, but local authorities deal with all requests by British citizens for consular assistance. To learn more about advisories issued by the United Kingdom go to the webpage for the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Here’s a good You-Tube video shot at Grand Cayman after the curfew was lifted: