Sell My Timeshare NOW Celebrates a Milestone

Sell My Timeshare NOW celebrates four years, leading the timeshare resale industry

This week, our company, Sell My Timeshare NOW, is celebrating an important milestone—our Fourth Anniversary in business!

In four very busy, very fast-paced years, we have grown from a startup company, which we funded from our own pockets, to employing 90 people at offices in two states. This year, Sell My Timeshare NOW projects a 55 percent increase in the number4 Year Anniversary of online timeshare reseller of offers that will come to timeshare owners because of the incredible internet marketing presence our company maintains. That means that owners of timeshares who want to rent or sell timeshare property, can advertise and market their timeshare through Sell My Timeshare NOW, and their ad will have vast global exposure to a targeted market of people who are already interested in renting or buying timeshares or vacation club property.

Revenues at Sell My Timeshare NOW are projected to reach $8 million in 2007, and that’s a pretty remarkable accomplishment—especially for a four-year old!

So if it sounds like we are proud, it’s because we are. And we plan to just keep doing more, working harder, and working smarter to help more and more people buy, rent or sell timeshares.