Want to Sell Your House? Try Giving Away a Timeshare Unit with the Sale

No one disputes that this is a tough real estate market in which to try to sell your home, but I have to admit that when Pacific Union Homes found a way to boost home sales by throwing in bonus timeshare, it was a sales strategy that caught me by surprise.

Pacific Union Homes builds new residential housing in northern California. After battling a rough year in home sales, and the cold reality that September home sales in the state had reached 20-year lows, Pacific Union decided to sweeten the deal for buyers. They began offering a program they advertise as, “Buy a home, get a vacation in paradise – Orlando, Hawaii, Vegas or even Mexico – every year, for the rest of your life!

The Pacific Union Homes bonus timeshare giveaway, promises prospective homebuyers that they can, “be the owner of a fabulous Pacific Union Home, and get your own vacation getaway for life from Hilton Grand Vacations, all for one amazing low price.”

The company’s strategy apparently has served to provide them a much needed boost in the real estate market. According to an article that appeared in RISMedia, “The builder did honor the wishes of some buyers who didn’t want a week’s timeshare, but did want the cost of it deducted from the price of their new home…but such requests were rare.”

I have to point out that there are cheaper ways to own Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshare, or any other timeshare. You don’t have to buy a new house in order to enjoy timeshare vacation ownership; and with the excellent availability of Hilton timeshare resales, you don’t even have to buy timeshare from Hilton in order to enjoy owning Hilton timeshare.

Still, if you have been battling the real estate market, unable to sell your home, you could consider taking a page from this homebuilder’s playbook and buy timeshare resale to add as the distinctive perk that might make your home stand out in the competitive real estate market.

And if you are looking for a great deal on a Hilton timeshare resale, Sell My Timeshare NOW can help you find a Hilton timeshare that is right for your budget and your vacation needs, and we won’t expect you to buy a new home in the process.