You Could Think of This as the Last Miami Timeshare You’ll Ever Visit

This idea is fascinating, but it is not my usual blog about timeshare condos and vacation ownership. I guess you might say, it is about that last trip you may ever take

The Neptune Society, is a privately owned cremation services company that has long been about helping people have dignified, affordable alternatives to the traditional funeral service. As a point of reference, The Neptune Society is a reputable company that has been in business since 1973 and is owned by BG Capital Group, a leading merchant banking firm. The company has 38 locations in 10 states and continues to expand. But it is their most recent expansion that really caught my attention.

The Neptune Memorial Reef, the company’s newest and most revolutionary concept, launched last month. Located off the coast of Miami, the memorial reef will be a manmade structure billed by the company as, “a design and engineering wonder”. The artificial reef is to be built 3.25 miles off the shore, in pristine, aqua blue waters, at depths of approximately 45 feet.

Maybe the best way to describe the project is as a combination underwater memorial gardens and ecological catalyst for the growth and convergence of many types of marine life. The Neptune Memorial Reef will consist of some 16 acres of sculptural and architectural elements designed of concrete and bronze, creating an underwater city and a potential final resting place for the remains of 125,000 people.

The project’s developers see Neptune Memorial Reef as a place that will for generations attract divers, ecologists, tourists, and of course, people looking for a unique and affordable final resting place that does not take up more real estate, but instead contributes to the marine life ecosystem. In a company news release, President and CEO Jerry Norman said, “The Neptune Memorial Reef is a first for the industry and a major step toward creating a new way for people to honor and remember their loved ones in a beautiful setting that reaffirms life and promotes marine habitat, coral growth and supports tourism. With the help of time and nature, this underwater memorial city will become a living reef of colorful marine life and coral growth that hold secure the remembrances of the dearly departed for all time.”

Internment in an underwater city is certainly something to think about. And until that time, there are plenty of other reasons to think about a relaxing trip to Miami that is not so permanent and could be extremely restful, even if you just stay on the beach.

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