Expansion of SFX Timeshare Resort Exchange Company

People who use the smaller timeshare exchange companies frequently give them accolades for the personalized service they receive; yet many timeshare owners still don’t realize that RCI (Resort Condominiums International) and Interval International are not the only options in timeshare resort exchange.

The San Francisco Exchange Company, also known as SFX Preferred Resorts, has recently purchased a new purpose-built office building in Alameda, CA to serve as their corporate headquarters. They may be a smaller company, but they are definitely moving forward in growth mode.

Mel Grant, president and CEO of SFX Timeshare Resort Exchange says, “With 150,000 members, and as a result of current and anticipated future growth, it has become necessary to acquire more space giving us the ‘capacity’ for further expansion.”

The timeshare company’s official press release states, “SFX is not a replacement for other exchange companies. Rather, it is positioned as an “added layer” of premium service, which resorts use effectively in addition to their formal affiliation.”

As SFX Timeshare Resort Exchange has grown, they have added a division to focus on fractionals. The Fractional Collection is a subsidiary of SFX Preferred Resorts. SFX believes that because they focus on high-end timeshares, high-end fractionals are a natural extension of their services. The Fractional Collection will also be housed in the company’s new Alameda offices.

According to SFX Timeshare Resort Exchange, many informed consumers will not purchase a timeshare unless they know it qualifies for exchange through SFX, because SFX attracts the only high-end resort brands. The timeshare exchange company’s website describes their services in this way, “Regardless of any resorts exchange company affiliation, individual timeshare Owners own the rights to their time and can request the service of any exchange company willing to accept their weeks for exchange. SFX allowed Owners to exercise this right to its fullest, a never before realized value.”

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