Good News for Timeshare Resales in a Bad News Economy

Sell My Timeshare NOW released its third quarter Financial Synopsis this week. We were pleased to have good news to report, especially in light of the quarterly reports many timeshare developers have recently issued. The contrast just serves to reinforce the difference in the whole business model of buying new timeshare (and financing new timeshare) from a developer compared to buying timeshare on the resale market or renting timeshare directly from its owner.

Although we are not a publicly traded company, and as such are not required to release quarterly financial information, we do publish a synopsis of our business four times annually for the benefit of informing and updating all who are interested in buying, renting or selling timeshare with Sell My Timeshare NOW.

Year to date, as of the end of the third quarter, offers to rent or buy timeshares through Sell My Timeshare NOW have reached record highs of 101,124 offers, totaling $368,365,250. Timeshare rental offers have shown a 251 percent increase in the third quarter 2008 over the third quarter 2007. Clearly people recognize the value and economy timeshare resales provide as vacation accommodations. The dollar amount of timeshare rental offers received through the third quarter is $47,526,930, which marks an increase of 196 percent over year-to-date offers in 2007.

This is an interesting and disconcerting time in America’s growth and development. Sell My Timeshare NOW is working hard to help people sell timeshares they no longer wish to own, and at the same time make vacation accommodations available at affordable prices. If ever most of us needed a family vacation, we need it during these stressful times. Our position is to be fiscally conservative but at the same time aggressive about growth, service, and our vision for the future.

You can read our press release on third quarter growth here:

Or, we invite you to download the full report, at this link: