The Turning Point: Canadian Timeshare Buyers

Sell My Timeshare NOW is a member of the Canadian Resort Development Association.

This is a great time to be attending the CRDA annual conference in Victoria, British Columbia. CRDA is the Canadian Resort Development Association, of which Sell My Timeshare NOW is proudly a member. CRDA “works on behalf of its members to engender a better understanding of the value of the Shared Ownership product,” representing all facets of the Canadian timeshare and vacation ownership industry.

Steve Luba, Sell My Timeshare NOW’s director of communications, and I are in Victoria this week taking part in this exciting Canadian timeshare event. This year’s conference is called The Turning Point, an appropriate name given the potential for the Canadian timeshare vacationer to dramatically impact the global timeshare market.

According to a Harris/Decima study released at the end of September 2008, the research, “clearly indicates the Canadian demand for second home lifestyle properties is there and is at the start of a 15 year purchase cycle, being fueled by boomers desire to re-invent their retirement lifestyle wants.” (Source: 10-19-2008 press release from MonCasa Capital Corporation, a developer of private residence clubs.)

Canadian Vacation Trends Point to Vacation Ownership

Here are just a few of the results of the Harris/Decima research study, which included over a thousand respondents:

  • 14 percent of Canadians currently own recreational real estate.
  • Of the 14 percent, 57 percent are sole recreational property owners and the other 43 percent have invested in shared ownership assets including timeshare or fractional ownership properties.
  • 36 percent of the sole owners purchased before 1990. 43 percent of timeshare owners purchased in the 1990’s, and most of the purchases of fractionals have occurred since 2000.
  • 30 percent of the total population surveyed indicated they are interested in purchasing vacation ownership property, either sole ownership, timeshare, or a fractional.

Certainly there are many challenges facing the timeshare industry these days, but the global marketplace still includes an abundance of future timeshare owners. Canadians purchasing timeshares, fractionals, and vacation ownership properties will be important contributors to the health and well-being of tomorrow’s timeshare industry.

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The Fairmont Empress Hotel and The Victoria Conference Centre, host hotel for this year’s CRDA Conference