Timeshare News Updates about TATOC

As we have shared before here at The Timeshare Authority, TATOC (Timeshare Owners and Committees) is the only elected consumer’s timeshare association to represent the interest of timeshare owners in Europe. Currently there are 70 member resorts that are part of TATOC, across Europe, providing vacation access for more than 250,000 families.

TATOC, a Timeshare Association with their Member’s Best Interest at Heart

When TATOC says they have the interest of their members at heart, they mean it. Late last month they announced that despite the fact they would benefit from additional funds, in these challenging economic times, they have made the decision to freeze membership fees for 2009 at the 2008 level. As CEO Taylor explained, “During our recent strategy meeting and despite the fact that the Association needs funds to be able to continue its work, it was felt by the Board that in these difficult times we needed to assist our member resorts as much as possible and so there has yet again been no increase in fees”.

To learn more about TATOC, contact Harry Taylor, CEO, on +44 (0)845 230 2430

Or Jennie Thompson in Media Relations, 00 34 615 022 542
[email protected]

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