Sell My Timeshare NOW Says “Thank You” to TATOC for an Outstanding Conference

What a great experience! … Just got back from the TATOC Conference this past weekend.

As you know from last week’s The Timeshare Authority, Steve Luba (Director of Communications, Sell My Timeshare NOW) and I had the opportunity to attend The Association for Timeshare Owners Committees (TATOC) Conference in Warrington, England.

Harry Taylor, CEO TATOC and Jason Tremblay, CEO Sell My Timeshare NOW

This is an outstanding event for everyone involved in the timeshare and vacation ownership industries. Much of the credit for the success of this timeshare conference goes to Harry Taylor (CEO of TATOC) and to Jennie Thompson (Director Media contact and membership) for running a conference that is informative, well organized, and very friendly.

Harry, Jennie, and all the people who worked so hard to make this event possible, made sure the hospitality was first-class and that everyone felt welcome. In an atmosphere that was relaxed and positive, we found an enthusiastic audience for Sell My Timeshare NOW’s message of how timeshare resales and timeshare rental advertising companies play a vital part in the industry as a whole and how we offer services to benefit timeshare developers and timeshare management as well as timeshare owners.

Perspective Magazine at TATOC Timeshare Conference

Perspective Magazine and Owners Perspective Magazine were well represented at the TATOC conference. Paul Mattimoe and Sharon Mattimoe, founders and publishers of both publications, do a fantastic job with their online and print timeshare industry publications. Through their company, Perspective International, Inc., they provide a valued media resource for timeshare developers, management companies, suppliers, timeshare resales companies, brokers, and overall, everyone connected with the timeshare industry. Owners Perspective Magazine, their newest product, went live online last July, and into print publication this past January, and is quickly becoming a favorite go-to resource for timeshare owners and prospective timeshare buyers.

It was great to spend time with Paul and Sharon during the TATOC conference.

You Need TATOC and TATOC Needs You

This conference is only the tip of the iceberg on the many ways TATOC serves the timeshare industry. TATOC is an effective and important organization and I urge resorts in Europe to join TATOC –they are the real voice of timeshare ownership in Europe.

In these difficult economic times, resorts may feel that such a membership is a luxury, but the timeshare industry needs to take the pulse of owners now more than ever. TATOC is a great vehicle for resorts to exchange information and work proactively with timeshare owners to grow the industry in ways that benefit everyone.

Later this week, I will be updating you more on some of the topics discussed at the TATOC conference and my thoughts in particular on how potential new EU legislation relates to timeshare resales and current timeshare owners.