New Timeshare Study Shows 87 Percent Satisfaction among Timeshare Owners

Europe’s TATOC, The Timeshare Association, (Timeshare Owners and Committees), is a highly respected consumer advocacy and support organization for timeshare owners. This week, TATOC released their comments on a new, comprehensive timeshare owners study by The Christel DeHaan Tourism and Travel Research Institute, at the Business School in the University of Nottingham. The study was commissioned by the Resort Development Organisation.

TATOC endorsed the findings of the timeshare owners study, noting that it marks a changing public perception about the timeshare industry. Harry Taylor, TATOC chief executive, called the survey the most comprehensive and detailed in a decade, and notes that it, “… reflects the widespread recognition of timeshare as a viable and valued holiday product.”

The Remarkable Findings of the New Timeshare Study

Subjects of the study included over 33,000 respondents in 12 countries, all completing a detailed questionnaire. Results showed that 87 percent of timeshare owners are satisfied with their timeshare. (87 percent! When’s the last time 87 percent of any group were unified on any topic?)

With more than a million and a half Europe timeshare owners (as of 2007), the largest numbers are in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where there are roughly 600,000 timeshare owners. Germany and Italy rank next for the greatest number of timeshare owners.

Using the 2007 figures, there are 1,312 Europe timeshare resorts, with over 350 of those resorts being Spain timeshare. The UK, Italy, and Portugal each have more than 100 timeshare resorts. As of 2008, approximately 300,000 timeshare owners are members of TATOC, marking a 20 percent increase in membership for that timeshare organization.

According to the study:

Most timeshare owners rank their timeshare experience above other self-catering holidays. (Self-catering refers to vacations where lodging is provided, as well as cooking facilities, but meals are not.)

Timeshare owners rank quality of accommodations, timeshare exchange opportunities, and the credibility of the timeshare resort vendor as the keys in their decision to buy timeshare.

TATOC’s Conclusions about the Timeshare Study

It makes sense that TATOC would see the results of this new timeshare study as a ” …a powerful, credible and ringing endorsement of the growing popularity of holiday ownership,” and that they would point to timeshare ownership as clearly being an integral part of the global travel and tourism industry.

As Harry Taylor explains, “Timeshare is an affordable way of having a shared ownership in a holiday home. I am confident the UK will continue to lead the way in boosting its expansion and popularity in Europe.”

To learn more about TATOC and this growing Timeshare Association, contact:

Jennie Thompson [email protected] or
Harry Taylor, chief executive [email protected]

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