New Timeshare Deal Means New Canada Timeshare and New Hawaii Timeshare for RCI

Last week Fairmont Resort Properties joined the RCI timeshare exchange network. Fairmont Resort Properties, LTD is the largest Canadian-owned vacation ownership developer. RCI timeshare exchange is part of the Wyndham hotel and Wyndham timeshare family of vacation ownership products.

Geoff Ballotti, president and CEO, Group RCI explains, “We couldn’t be more pleased to add this leading developer and their unique properties to RCI’s collection of top vacation destinations. This affiliation is also a testament to RCI’s ongoing efforts to offer great vacations to our more than 3.8 million members.”

Fairmont Vacation Villas at Hillside timeshare resales and timeshare rentals.

Executives of Fairmont Resort Properties, LTD mentioned the excellent timeshare exchange opportunities RCI affords its members and the scope of RCI’s technology and marketing as being reasons that attracted Fairmont Resort Properties to the partnering.

New Timeshare Exchange Means New Hawaii Timeshare and New Canada Timeshare Opportunities

Because of this new relationship, Sunchaser Vacation Club at Fairway Cottages on Oahu, Hawaii and Fairmont Vacation Villas in Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, become part of the RCI timeshare exchange network that includes over 4,000 affiliated timeshare resorts.

Sunchaser Vacation Club at Fairway Cottages is located at the Makaha Resort & Golf Club, on Oahu’s beautiful western shore.

The Fairmont Vacation Villas are located in the picturesque Columbia Valley and provide an ideal location for a ‘peace and quiet’ timeshare vacation. The Fairmont Vacation Villas timeshares offer plenty of outdoor sports, including hiking, biking, boating, horseback riding, and white water rafting.

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