Will Timeshares Without Beds and Electricity Be Next?

I wouldn’t think this is the next new trend in timeshare resorts, but the unusual situation in the US economy has brought about stranger things. Have you heard about the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego – the luxurious resort with spa and championship golf course that was ranked #1 Resort Spa in North America by Condé Nast Traveler?

They’ve been booking rooms for $19 a night.

No kidding.

But there’s a catch. For $19 a night, you get the room, but you don’t get much else. You don’t even get a bed. Here’s how it works: Pay $219 per night through September 17 and you will receive deluxe accommodations and breakfast for two. Skip the breakfast and the rate drops to $199. Leave out the breakfast and the honor bar and it falls to $179.

Now you get to the part where the changes really start to matter. Leave off everything already listed, as well as air conditioning or heat, and the rate is down to $159; omit the pillows and you save another $20; leave off the sheets and you are down to $109.

If you are willing to forgo all of this along with the lights, (expect for a single small light in the bathroom required for safety) you are at $89. Subtract the towels and you drop to $59; no toiletries and you drop to $39, until finally you get to the $19 a night price, which is the absence of all of the above as well as being without the bed.

And did I mention that this deal is completely sold out?

San Diego Timeshare Rentals … And They Come With a Bed

A San Diego vacation offers so much to do, from the famous San Diego Zoo, to the beaches, parks, sporting events, SeaWorld San Diego, and more. And the spacious accommodations of timeshare rentals provide you affordable options, where you don’t have to settle for a room without linens, furnishings, or utilities.

You can choose from a wide variety of San Diego timeshare rentals, some offered at less than $100 a night, often for timeshare units that easily accommodate two families. Invite your favorite relatives or friends, share the cost of a roomy timeshare rental in beautiful San Diego and you could easily be vacationing at under $50 a night. Now throw in the savings of a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, letting you dine as affordably as if you had stayed home, and your overall vacation costs could be just as amazingly low as if you’d opted for a few nights at the Ranchero Bernardo Inn.

… Except your timeshare will come with all the amenities, including a bed, maybe even two or three of them!