College Sports Weekend in a Timeshare Rental

College football fans live for this time of year when the season is at its peak and almost everybody’s dreams of a bowl bid are still alive.

This year is no exception. The Florida Gators are chomping down on opponents, right and left. ‘Bama Tide is rolling through the south while the Longhorns have the Big 12 Conference under control. Seven of the top ten teams on this week’s BCS are undefeated (clearly they haven’t been playing each other) while the other three teams have only one loss apiece.

What are some of the must-watch college football games this weekend?

  • Number 3 Texas takes on number 14 Oklahoma State in Stillwater. The Longhorns dominate this rivalry, but the Oklahoma State Cowboys have come close in the past and this could be their year to pull an upset.
  • Number 22 South Carolina takes on a weaker than usual University of Tennessee, but the game’s being played in Knoxville, so anything could happen.
  • And any other team you care about, follow, or that makes you stand on your sofa and shout, “Go-Go-Go!” when one of their players tucks that football—point into his bicep, fingers wide, covering as much of the ball as possible, locked against his chest—and starts to run. And from someplace deep within him, he finds the capability to weave, dodge, and accelerate on instinct, each step driving him closer and closer until you can throw your arms up in the air and scream, “Touchdown!”

And while standing on your couch is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, perhaps what you really need is a spacious, comfy timeshare rental and tickets to the game:

…A happy, safe, and slightly scary Halloween to all; and for all you football fans, “Go Team!”