New Strategy for Disney Timeshare Sales is Questioned

Disney Vacation Club (Disney timeshare) is adjusting its salary and bonus strategy to try to incentivize members of its timeshare sales staff and increase sales of Disney timeshare units in the process.

In changes that were announced to Disney timeshare sales staff last month, the company will be reducing base pay to its front line timeshare sales team by about ten percent, yet increasing bonus amounts for employees who reach certain timeshare sales objectives.

Disney Vacation Club spokesperson, Rena Langley says, “We have made changes to the pay structure among our advance sales associates to allow us to provide more reward and recognition to top performers.”

Advance sales associates (also called ASAs) for Disney timeshare sales are the people who work in the Vacation Club sales kiosks that you find throughout the Disney parks and hotels. If Disney’s plan is doable, its timeshare sales workers will have the opportunity to earn larger paychecks. But among the approximately 100 ASA’s affected by the salary reductions, concern looms over whether they will be able to “make back” the salary amounts lost. Entry-level pay for ASAs prior to this pay reduction was around $11 per hour.

Not Even Disney Vacation Club Timeshare can Escape the Challenge of This Economy

With consumer credit lines for buying timeshare drying up, along with many people simply tightening their belts, timeshare sales at Disney have dropped. Yet Disney timeshare is still faced with four new timeshare properties to sell, on top of any existing inventory at the Disney Vacation Club resorts they still had.

Now add to this the increasing number of people who are buying timeshare resales on the secondary market because they have recognized the enormous savings it can mean, and you have a tough hill to climb by any worker who is trying to sell new timeshares on primarily a commission or incentive basis.

Opportunities in Disney Timeshare Resales:

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