700 New Timeshare Jobs this Year Alone

It has been just one year since Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare launched its cobranded resorts though an alliance between IHG and Orange Lake Resorts. And despite coming into the timeshare market at one of the most challenging times in the history of the industry, Holiday Inn timeshares/Orange Lake Resorts are a remarkable success.

The unique branding alliance between the two hospitality companies is structured so that Orange Lake Resorts, as a privately held company, continues to own and operate the timeshare resort properties. IHG comes into the timeshare sales industry to help market the properties, yet without the financial burden of a capital investment.

As Christian Hempell, vice president New Business Delivery, the Americas, IHG explained in an interview with Financial, “This is the tale of two systems coming together to create a better timeshare business model. The unique nature of the two-system alliance means that we at IHG can concentrate on promoting the timeshare resorts through the power of Priority Club Rewards and our world-class distribution channels.”

Here’s how Hempell explains the result of combining the two brands, “Orange Lake can capitalize on their 30 years of proven timeshare success in the top leisure market in the US, one of the strongest management teams in the timeshare industry, and their strong balance sheet with existing capital to invest in growth. By focusing on the strengths of publicly-traded IHG and privately-held Orange Lake Resorts, we’ve made Holiday Inn Club Vacations an industry success story.”

What’s Holiday Inn Timeshare Doing to Attract New Timeshare Owners?

A new call transfer system introduced by IHG has delivered approximately 1000 phone calls per day to Orange Lake timeshare resorts from Holiday Inn hotel guests who are interested in learning more about becoming timeshare owners. And in 2010, Holiday Inn Club Vacations resorts expects an additional 5000 guests to tour Holiday Inn Club Vacation timeshares, all interested in buying timeshare and becoming new timeshare owners. Since the co-branding of Orange Lake Resorts timeshares and Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshares, Orange Lake Resorts has seen a fourteen percent increase in the number of timeshare tours.

And as Holiday Inn Timeshare Resorts and Orange Lake Resorts continue to thrive and grow, creating many satisfied new timeshare owners, they are also helping to anchor the timeshare industry, and are making powerful and positive contributions to the US economy. Orange Lake Resorts has hired 700 employees so far this year. Starting with one resort—Orange Lake timeshare—Holiday Inn timeshare resort properties have already expanded to include six timeshare properties across the US.

Don Harrill, president and CEO, Orange Lake Resorts, says, “It’s been an exciting year for us, and we’ve not even seen the full impact that we expect as a result of our alliance. Next year, we’ll welcome thousands more guests to our resort destinations who are being introduced to Holiday Inn Club Vacations—and for some, timeshare—for the very first time. We are proud to present a product that can enhance vacation lifestyles for more families, with a brand that’s known and trusted worldwide.”

Hat tip to IHG, Orange Lake Resorts, and all the visionaries that got this obviously successful venture going. What you’re doing is good for the timeshare industry, good for timeshare owners, and very good for the economy.

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