Snowed In? Guide to Shopping for a Timeshare While You Watch it Snow

Are you, like much of the US, snowed in or about to be? One of the best ways to deal with cabin fever is planning what you are going to do when you can finally get out of the ‘cabin’ again. A snow day is an excellent time to start building the structure that is missing in your life and that causes you to skip vacations and fail to take the time off you genuinely need and deserve.

Schedule your vacation time. Commit to it with the same discipline you use for other things in life, and then consider doing the one thing that truly makes it easier to stick to your plans — buy a timeshare resale.

Why do timeshares make vacationing easier?

  • For starters, you are more likely to take a vacation when you have already made a financial commitment to your vacation accommodations. In other words, when the room is already paid for, why wouldn’t you go?
  • Prepaid vacation accommodations also mean that you can take a vacation at times in the future when money might be too tight for you to do so.
  • Timeshare vacations give you a starting point. Either you know which resort you will be staying in, or you know in which network of resorts you will be using your vacation property as a timeshare exchange.
  • Second only to lack of time to take a vacation, people cite lack of time to plan a vacation as the reason they don’t work in much-needed relaxation days. Buying timeshare means you do the decision-making once and then enjoy a lifetime of easy-to-plan vacations.
  • Buying timeshare lets you lock in the price of your vacation accommodations; buying timeshare resale means you do so at a substantial savings.

How to avoid timeshare scam:

  • Buy timeshare resale through a timeshare company with an established history of timeshare sales and timeshare rentals. If a company promise’s sound too good to be true, be on guard for timeshare scams.
  • Choose a timeshare resale company that can show you testimonials from satisfied customers. (See: Testimonials from SellMyTimeshareNOW)
  • Select a timeshare company that has established professional relationships within the industry, such as membership in ARDA, CRDA, and the National Timeshare Owners Association.
  • Look for a timeshare company with a noteworthy website that clearly demonstrates its website prominence and industry dominance.
  • Don’t let anyone rush you. There are plenty of great deals on timeshare resales, either through a timeshare broker or a by-owner sale. You can find the vacation ownership proposition that is right for you, your vacation style, and your budget.

Wherever you are, it may be blowing snow and generally miserable. Today is a great day to be dreaming about a little beach time in your near future and timeshare resales are an affordable way to turn that daydream into a sand-between-your-toes reality.