The Values of Timeshare Rental Making National News

ABC7 News out of Los Angeles, California recently teamed up with Consumer Reports ShopSmart to look for ways to make vacationing more affordable.

They came up with-no surprise here-timeshare and timeshare rental!

As they reported on the ABC7 webpage, in an article titled, “Vacation bargains found in timeshare rentals“:

“Timeshares are a great way to vacation with the whole family since many of the properties have great amenities such as space and kitchens. But when ABC7 teamed up with Consumer Reports, we found that you don’t need to buy one to enjoy one.”

Here’s some of what the Consumer Reports team liked best about timeshare rental and timeshares:

  • Timeshare exchange opportunities when you buy timeshare or timeshare resales.
  • Spacious accommodations, with living rooms and eat-in dining areas.
  • Kitchens available in many timeshare units.
  • Exotic locations for your timeshare vacation.
  • And the negotiability of timeshare resale and timeshare rental, which of course comes into play especially when you deal with by-owner timeshare opportunities.

Earlier this month, Sell My Timeshare NOW issued a press release on the opportunities of timeshare rental: $2.6 Million Last Year into the Hands of Timeshare Owners Using New Timeshare Rental Management Service.

We started a pilot program to help timeshare owners who want assistance in using their timeshare as a timeshare rental. The results have been outstanding and a proven win-win for both timeshare owners and vacationers who want to take advantage of the excellent deals available in timeshares for rent.