Welk Resorts Timeshares: a Great Example of a Great Example

Lawrence Welk's Villas on the Greens
At the risk of sounding as if I am saying, “I told you so,” Welk Resort timeshare’s press release this week is one of the many good news timeshare stories that I keep writing about.

2009 has proven to be, for Welk Resorts timeshare, a year of record-high numbers. Jonathan Fredricks, Welk Resorts President explains, “Despite a rough economic year for many in the timeshare resort industry, we found that adhering to our core competency in providing an excellent product at affordable prices helped us achieve over $72 million in net revenue with strong sales efficiencies, beating our budget by over 15 percent.”

Welk Resorts timeshares has over 40,000 member-owner families that enjoy beautiful Welk California timeshare resorts located in San Diego and Palm Springs; Branson timeshares, and the company’s new Mexico timeshares in Cabo San Lucas, overlooking the Sea of Cortez.

Hotel Interactive online quotes Don Dubin, director of Welk Resort timeshare’s sales and marketing activities, as saying, “We believe our focus on remaining profitable in our sales and marketing departments, rather than developing a dependence on earnings from the finance side of the business, is a principle reason for our success.” Translation: Welk Resorts is a timeshare company that creates revenue by selling timeshare, not by depending on timeshare financing as its main stream of income.

I think the company’s founder and namesake, the late Lawrence Welk, would be proud of Welk Resorts timeshare’s sound business strategy, which is underpinned by the company’s reputation for providing honest, reliable service, delivered by well-trained employees, many of whom have worked for Welk Resorts for over 20 years.