Do You Listen to the Experts about Your Timeshare Vacation?

When it comes to vacation planning, do we really want to know what the experts say? If you are like most people, apparently the advice of travel ‘experts’ does not rank very high on your list.

Most of us, it seems, put more stock in the opinions of complete strangers when it comes to travel and vacationing. And when viewed in comparison to the combined opinions of our friends, family, and travelers we’ve never met, travel experts fall far to the bottom of the list as influencers.

According to The Social Travel Report prepared by the independent media agency, Total Media, most consumers (based on a sample of 1,375 people) select hotels, timeshare, or other vacation lodging based on the feedback and recommendations of other consumers. The study reveals that nearly 70 percent of consumers use the internet to book vacations and that roughly 25 percent are influenced by the comments voiced online by other travelers and vacationers. In other words, consumers aren’t reading travel magazines, brochures, or consulting travel agents nearly as much as they are reading the online comments and testimonials of other consumers.

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