Timeshare Industry in Modest Recovery Says Timeshare Industry Expert

Keith Trowbridge, Timeshare Industry Expert

(Hat Tip to Sharon Drechsler of Resort Trades for finding this timeshare industry good news item)

Interested in some timeshare industry good news? It’s out there, it just doesn’t always make the headlines, like this update for example:

Keith Trowbridge is a name well known in the timeshare industry. A pioneer of the timeshare industry, he is CEO of Executive Quest, an executive placement company that specializes in the timeshare, fractional and vacation ownership industries. He’s also the author of How You Can Invest In Inflation-Proof Vacations For Life (Simon and Schuster) and co-author with Richard J. Lynge of Real Estate Broker’s Guide to Resort Timesharing (Real Estate Education Company). Clearly a voice of experience about timeshares, and when he talks, we all listen.

So it was good news to hear Dr. Keith Trowbridge say the following, “We are now witnessing clear signs of a modest recovery. Companies across the glove are beginning to replenish their inventories. Global GDP and global trade are strengthening and job losses are declining. And, we are beginning to see incremental increases in leasing, and sales activity across the board, and absorption, while still negative in many markets, is moving toward positive territory.”

Thanks again to Sharon for sharing this in the most recent issue of Resort Trades.