Aloha Hawaii Timeshare!

In an industry survey released this week by the Hawaii chapter of ARDA (American Resort Development Association), the picture for Hawaii timeshare looks wonderfully bright.

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Results of this research show there are currently 4881 new Hawaii timeshare units either under construction or approved for development. In 2009, despite the economy, Hawaii saw $400 million in timeshare sales growth, increasing the Hawaii timeshare inventory to 8601 timeshare units spread over nearly 90 timeshare resorts. Perhaps best of all was the news that these Hawaii timeshares saw an occupancy rate of almost 91 percent. During the same period, occupancy rates at Hawaii hotels lagged at 66.5 percent (although presently are showing an upward trend).

According to Howard Nusbaum, ARDA president and CEO, the timeshare industry remitted $67.2 million in tax revenues to the state of Hawaii for 2009.

Hospitality Advisors conducted the survey for ARDA. Nationally, according to a study prepared by Ernst & Young, timeshare sales in 2009 were a $6.3 billion industry, with a total of 1548 timeshare United States timeshare resorts and over 170,000 United States timeshare units.

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