Short-Stay Timeshare Plus Free Admission Adds Up to Vacation Savings

Where are you going tomorrow?

I hope your answer includes a few days at your timeshare, plus a National Park or one of the 1400 museums nationwide that are participating in Museum Day. With so many timeshare resorts offering the flexibility of one, two, or three-day vacations and the opportunity to pair it with free entertainment, you can wind up with a mini-vacation that’s very kind to the wallet.

Museum Day is a one-day event, started some six years ago, that originated when the Smithsonian Magazine began publicizing it to their readership, an average of roughly 7 million people monthly. Created as a time of free admission to museums across the country, Museum Day generates visibility and enthusiasm for museums that often operate on limited marketing budgets.

You can find the full list of participating museums at the Smithsonian Magazine website. Register on the site to download and print a free admission ticket at your selected museum. You’ll find the list, organized by state, in a drop-down menu on the online registration form.

If your idea of fun is more outdoor-bound than a day at the museum, tomorrow, September 25, happens to also be Public Lands Day in all of the US National Parks, providing free park admission. This is one of five times this year that the National Parks system opens its doors to the public offering free admission. National Park Week, in April, provided a full week of free park admission; June and August each a free weekend; and Veterans Day (November 11) will also be a free park admission day across the country.

Short-Stay Timeshare Vacations

With just a little planning, you can do yourself and your family a lot of good in a very short amount of time. Maybe your busy schedule or your tight budget didn’t permit you to take that vacation abroad you’ve always dreamed about. Perhaps you can’t even remember your last trip to the beach or your favorite ski resort.

But just because you can’t go grand scale, remember the value of even a short vacation or timeshare holiday. Today’s opportunities to break up your usual timeshare week into shorter stays or to rent timeshare for that much-needed getaway, make it possible for you to indulge in some well-deserved down time.