Timeshares across the US, but Florida Timeshares Dominate

How many United States timeshares do you think there are? According to research compiled by ARDA (the American Resort Development Association), there are 1548 United States timeshare resorts, which translates to 170,232 United States timeshare units.

And despite the fact that there are timeshares in almost every US state, Florida timeshares still dominate with Orlando timeshares leading the count. Thirty-two percent (that’s 362 Florida timeshares) of all timeshares are located in the Sunshine State.

California timeshares mean beaches, mountains, and lots of golf.

But where are the others?

Several patterns emerge here, but one of the most obvious is the weather. All of the states that lead in the number of timeshare resorts located there also offer year-round or nearly year-round great weather. Beaches are easily accessible in all four top locations, with California timeshares offering mountainside resorts as well as beachside. And in each of the four top timeshare destinations you will find golf… golf… and more golf. In fact, Florida leads the nation in the number of golf courses it offers and South Carolina promises more golf instruction per square mile in Myrtle Beach than any other place in the world.

This equation is really pretty simple: Sunshine + beaches + golf + family fun= 53 percent of all US timeshares.