Timeshare, Hotel, Tourism Marketing for Florida’s Space Coast Sets New Target

When a target demographic in the US population represents $90 billion, you pay attention, right? That’s the thinking of the tourism and hospitality marketers who represent Florida’s Space Coast.
The Space Coast is a popular Florida tourism destination, sometimes overshadowed by the vacation glitz and ‘magic’ of the tourism marketing done by their neighbors in the Orlando-Kissimmee vacation area. But the Space Coast of Brevard County, Florida offers at least two drawing cards that the popular Orlando area can’t boast: there’s Cape Canaveral where the US has been launching missiles since before I Dream of Jeanie’s bottle washed ashore there, and there are the beautiful Atlantic Coast beaches themselves.

With an under-tapped market and assets as vast as outer space and as deep as the Atlantic Ocean, the Space Coast Office of Tourism will be playing those cards in a purposeful way, targeting the market of minority and multi-cultural travelers. Florida Today writes, “Realizing that more of this market can be captured, the Space Coast Office of Tourism has recently launched marketing campaigns targeting minorities, including promoting the Space Coast in publications with high African-American readership and on Spanish-language billboards across South Florida.”

Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort timeshare resales and rentals.Rob Varley, executive director of the tourism office, points out, “It’s a big deal and we feel that’s a real strong market for us.” He goes on to explain that the marketing target is diverse, including Spanish-speaking families, black, Indian, as well as other cultures.

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