The Timeshare Authority Talks Timeshare at a New Venue

The Timeshare Authority will be contributing a monthly column that will appear in print editions of The Resort Trades Magazine, beginning with the publication’s December issue.

This column will look at the business of timeshare and vacation ownership, primarily but not always, as a resale product. We will focus on ways the industry can work together creating owner-centric options that better serve the interests of timeshare owners, developers, and timeshare resale companies.

While the content will target those who work in the timeshare industry or in fields related to timesharing, we think that anyone interested in timeshare ownership, timeshare rentals, or timeshare real estate in general will find these articles relevant.

And although it will be a while before the December issue reaches your mailbox, you can get a sneak preview of the column each month on the website for The Resort Trades, where the new timeshare articles also appear online. And to get your interest revved, here’s a quote from our first article:

“Buy a new Ford or Toyota and you know that you will, at some point, trade it in, resell it, or pass it on to your teenage son or daughter. But buy a timeshare, even one that carries the confidence-inspiring name of a global hospitality brand, and the timeshare buyer is left to wonder how he or she will get out of it in the future. … In the world of shared or vacation ownership, resales have too long been the elephant in the room that no one wants to discuss.”