Marriott Vacation Club Timeshare Committed to the Environment

Marriott Vacation Club resorts strive for environmental excellence through Audubon International Program.

The Timeshare Authority blog has the opportunity to, once again, share updates with you about Marriott Vacation Club timeshare’s commitment to protecting and preserving our environment. Because Marriott takes its environmental responsibility so seriously, the company is frequently in our news as we report to you on awards or rankings Marriott timeshares, resorts, and golf courses are receiving from the Audubon Society and other environmental groups.

Marriott Vacation Club timeshare is now partnering with Audubon International, making an even greater effort to ‘green’ its North America timeshares and Caribbean timeshares, enrolling more of them in the Audubon Green Leaf Eco-Rating Program for Hotels. Already 28 Marriott resorts are part of the program and by 2011, the company expects participation from all 43 resorts in the region.

Extending Marriott Vacation Club’s (Marriott timeshare) current Green Initiative, the Audubon Green Leaf Eco-Rating Program focuses on both environmental education and environmental awareness, tailoring best management practices to be both efficient and green. To earn the Green Leaf rating, a timeshare or hotel must meet requirements for water conservation, water quality, resource conservation, energy efficiency and waste minimization. Fred Realbuto, Director of U.S. Green Leaf Operations at Audubon International says, “We’re pleased to have Marriott Vacation Club work with us to better protect and sustain our land, water, wildlife, and other natural resources. Our program is unique in that it is international in scope, uses a standardized process for evaluating environmental performance, provides environmental education and conducts visits to verify eco-rated practices.”

Here are only some of the many updates The Timeshare Authority blog has been privileged to bring you about the environmental efforts at Marriott and Marriott timeshare: