Today’s Timeshare Interview Looking

Last weekend was Halloween; you had costumes, parties, and goblins to deal with, and you may have missed Today’s Timeshare, in which Dave Thackeray of RCI interviewed Robin Mills, the chairman of the Resort Development Organisation’s Communications Council. Fortunately, you can still listen in, as this episode of internet radio is available at RCI Ventures Today’s Timeshare, via iTunes, and here on The Timeshare Authority blog.

Not only is Robin Mills an entertaining speaker, but his insights on European timeshare and its contrasts to US timeshare are very interesting.

Some of the points you will want to catch:

  • How the timeshare industry adds value to the consumer experience
  • Enhancing web accessibility for the European timeshare industry
  • Social media outreach
  • Ways ARDA is serving the US timeshare industry that Europe can copy
  • Increasing communication in general within the industry and between the industry and owners
  • A look at RDO1, the first annual conference of the Resort Development Organisation

And in closing, Robin shares his visions for the future and some interesting projects … truly enlightening for anyone who wants to buy, rent, or sell timeshare, or enjoys timeshare ownership or service to the shared ownership industry.

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