Hyatt Resorts and Hyatt Timeshares Have Children’s Toys on their Minds, Too

Family vacations at Hyatt timeshare just got easier.Here it is Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year and many parents and grandparents are hitting the stores and descending on the malls, often in search of those ‘just right’ holiday toys. So it is fun to learn that Hyatt Resorts and Hyatt Timeshares are thinking about your children and grandchildren and their toys as well.

Hyatt Resorts announces the new Toy Box program designed with both children and their parents in mind. At participating Hyatt properties, vacationers and travelers will now find a stock of age-appropriate toys to entertain children, from toddlers to ‘tweens.

Traveling with children can be challenging and let’s face it, with airport security tighter than ever, and luggage fees piling up, we are all at least a little stressed by the new rules of packing. Sometimes there is simply not room for those favorite toys that will help entertain your children and make family travel more fun.

Hyatt Toy Box to the rescue with toys recommended by Toy Tips Research Institute for age appropriateness, educational value, and application to the special circumstances of vacations and travel. At participating Hyatt resorts in the US and the Caribbean, families can now review the Toy Box book, which lists 24 available toys a child can checkout and enjoy during the hotel or timeshare stay. And when it is time to head for home, the toys are inspected for broken or missing parts and then cleaned with Toy Tips Toy Cleaner, a non-chemical, eco-friendly cleaner, leaving them ready for the next pint-size guest to enjoy.

Carlos Cabrera, senior vice president of field operations, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, says, “Traveling with children is a unique challenge, and bringing their favorite toys can be even trickier. With the Hyatt Resorts Toy Box, children of all ages can have a fun-filled vacation with toys at their fingertips, helping parents to alleviate the burden of packing and carrying extra luggage.”