Marriott Hotels and Marriott Timeshare Supporting Education Through Marriott Scholars Program

Graduate of the Marriott Scholar ProgramIn 2007, to honor JW and Alice Marriott and their commitment to education, Marriott (Marriott Hotels and Marriott timeshare) established the Marriott Scholars Program. Partnering with the United Negro College Fund and the Hispanic College Fund, Marriott is helping to support students as they explore the opportunities of higher education and careers in the hospitality industry.

Recently Brayan Melo, (seen in the photograph: Brayan Melo (L) with his mentor David DiFalco) became the first graduate from the Marriott Scholars program. After receiving a scholarship through the Hispanic College Fund he was graduated from Buffalo State College. He earned a 3.8 GPA, and is now employed in management in one of Marriott’s New York City properties.

Why Does Brayan’s Story Deserve its Own Post on The Timeshare Authority blog?

Although Brayan Melo’s story is only the account of one young adult, it resounds a great message. As Margaret Mead said, “There is no greater insight into the future than recognizing …when we save our children, we save ourselves.”

Many people today are not satisfied with the economy, our political leaders, and the directions of our society. In the face of such dissatisfaction, it becomes more critical than ever before that all of us commit to imbuing the next generation with the greatest educational opportunities and learning experiences possible.

Happy Holidays from Sell My Timeshare NOW!Thank you Marriott for the role you have played in bettering the life on one young man and his family, and exponentially the role you have played in bettering the world.

In the spirit of the holiday season, look for uplifting stories throughout this week on The Timeshare Authority blog.