Happy New Year in Disney Timeshare at the Happiest Place on Earth

Happy New Year from Sell My Timeshare NOW and the Timeshare AuthorityI hope your New Year’s resolutions include a purposeful intent to bring more happiness into your own life and the lives of those around you. This comes in many forms, including reaching personal goals, sharing with or giving to others, and quality time spent in the pursuit of relaxation and fun.

So it seems appropriate when looking at ways to create more happiness in 2011, to look at the “Happiest Place on Earth” (a.k.a any Disney park or resort) where there are many changes and surprises in store for visitors, including these:

Disney timeshares (or many other Orlando timeshares) put you in a great location to experience an African trek … in Florida, with an adventure that begins later this month. Launching on the January 16, you can make reservations to explore ‘untracked terrain’ Disney-style on the Wild Africa Trek. This three-hour, guide-led experience is designed to immerse small groups in a firsthand, front row encounter with African wildlife.

Both California timeshare vacationers and Disney timeshare Florida vacationers have a special treat in store for them at Disney’s new Star Tours Adventures. This experience is designed to take guests at the Disneyland Park in California or the Florida Hollywood Studios to “Coruscant” and other destinations in the Stars Wars galaxy. Disney describes the experience as a “breathtaking immersion of 3-D.”

And of course Disney Vacation Club timeshare is, for the first time, taking Disney magic to Hawaii. In a mixed-use property that includes both traditional hotel rooms and Disney vacation Club villas, the new Aulani Disney Resort & Spa at Ko Olina (scheduled to open in August of this year) offers guests the chance to relax on 21 acres of oceanfront, mountain-view, beautiful Hawaiian island.

For 2011, whether it’s visiting a theme park, a National Park, a timeshare resort, or simply planning a cook-out in your own backyard, we hope your resolutions include more time for fun, family, and purposeful relaxation. Happy New Year from Sell My Timeshare and The Timeshare Authority.