Trends for Timeshare Owners and Vacationers

With the coming of a new year, prognosticators seem to pop up everywhere and the timeshare sales and timeshare resale industries are no exception.

Here’s a look at a few of the vacation and travel trends the visionaries tell us to expect; sources include Lonely Planet, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, PricewaterhouseCoopers and others.

Timeshare and Vacation Trends for 2011

Vacationers continue to seek to heal their spirits and restore their psyches. Look for popular vacations to include timeshare resorts with well established spas, destinations that market their tranquility factor, and anywhere that is known for its ‘healing’ environment, such as New Mexico, resorts that offer hot springs or mineral springs spas, and of course… eat, pray, love, and visit India to reclaim your serenity.

US timeshare resale and timeshare rental suggestions to help you relax and restore:

Because some smaller or less frequented destinations have poured a good deal of money into tourism marketing this past year, many of them will see gains in the number of visitors for 2011. Marketing the uniqueness of their particular destination will attract vacationers who seek ‘something different,’ often hoping that taking the less traveled path will also yield savings and discounts over vacationing in busier markets.

Alternative destinations for enjoying a timeshare resale or timeshare rental include:

And of course, as everyone continues to cut corners and look for savings, look for increase popularity in timeshare rentals and resales simply because most afford vacationers the opportunity to eat-in and cut the expense of restaurant dining during travel.