ARDA Releases New, Eye-Opening Timeshare Video

For anyone who assumes he or she understands what timeshares are really like, but has never experienced one, ARDA invites you to: “Take a Peek Into a Timeshare … Without Leaving Your Desk.”

Howard Nusbaum, ARDA president and CEO, says, “This video is intended to provide consumers with a clear visual of the qualities, amenities and offerings of timeshare products. A picture speaks a thousand words and we hope this video entices people to test the waters and see what they’ve been missing.”

Although there are more than seven million United States timeshare owners, that number actually represents a very small percentage of the adult, vacationing population. Why? Misconceptions, maybe, but probably just generally lack of knowledge about timeshare. The truth is, many people don’t know that timeshares and vacation ownership offer beautiful, spacious resorts; both privacy and spaces to share with friends and family; and are located in the most popular destinations across the US and around the globe.

The American Resort Development Association continues to work, educating the public about the opportunities of timeshare. ARDA’s vacation website, was purposefully developed to both introduce vacationers to the many advantages of timeshare while expanding the user knowledge of existing timeshare owners or timeshare renters. And as ARDA explains, their new video creates an opportunity, so that, “Without leaving home or sitting through a sales presentation, curious travelers can clearly see what the benefits of timeshare are through the two-minute video.”