Picking the Shell Vacations Club Timeshare that’s Right for You

Following up with our Friday The Timeshare Authority blog post, here’s a little more information on Shell Vacations Club timeshares.

Shell Vacations Club Timeshare Points

Timeshare points may be the best choice for vacationers who like to choose a different destination with each trip or prefer to plan multiple shorter getaways. Shell has four Home Club options in which you can buy Shell Vacations Club points:

Opportunities in Shell Vacation Club timeshare resales and rentals.Each Owners Club represents a geographic region of Shell Vacations Resorts. When you have a Home Club membership, you are automatically entitled to a Shell SVC membership, which serves as your ‘internal’ timeshare exchange and reservation system. You will also enjoy priority booking at your Home Club, which means you can request your reservations up to one year in advance of your check-in date. For Shell Vacations Club resorts outside your Home Club, you can still request your reservations approximately nine months in advance.

Deeded Shell Vacations Club Timeshare Ownership

But flexibility is not on everyone’s priority list; many timeshare owners prefer the security of consistency. They like to know that they own deeded timeshare ensuring that they can vacation at the same resort during the same week, year after year.

Shell Vacations timeshare offers over twenty luxurious timeshare resorts where you can choose to become a property owner. Features such as spas, spacious rooms and onsite amenities make Shell timeshare extremely attractive. Your only challenge will be in selecting your favorite one out of the nearly two dozen enticing vacation resort destinations. And even if you buy deeded Shell Vacations Club timeshare as a fixed interval, you always have the option to convert, for a fee, to Shell Vacations Club points in the future. Even Shell’s fixed timeshare comes with the flexibility to change!

No one in the timeshare resale industry is better trained to help you learn more about the opportunities of timeshare resale and timeshare rentals at Shell Vacations Club timeshare.

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