Bluegreen Timeshare Earns Honors for Social Media Strategy

At this year’s TimeShareWare Client Conference, Bluegreen received honorable mention for its Corporate Social Media strategy.

Marketing the brand as “a leading provider of Colorful Places to Live and Play,” Bluegreen has been successful in spreading its message via social media. Social media expert Chicke Fitzgerald, recognized Bluegreen for both its social media presence and its successful branding of Bluegreen products and services. Fitzgerald says, “I was really impressed with Bluegreen when doing my research … (Bluegreen) is leading the way in the timeshare industry when it comes to social media and an overall, integrated online strategy.”

VP of Creative Marketing for Bluegreen, Izzy Pycher, says that the company is using progressive online strategies, necessary in today’s world and points to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as, ‘perfect vehicles for owner communication.’

“The owners’ conversations on Facebook speak for themselves,” says Pycher. “Social media allows them to share experiences, get recommendations on resorts and ask each other questions, knowing they’ll get authentic feedback. It’s a win-win for the owners themselves as well as for the company overall.”

Bluegreen Timeshare and Other Timeshare Social Media Resources

In an industry awash with armchair critics, many in timeshare sales and timeshare resales are stepping tentatively into social media. And that’s understandable. But as timeshare companies put themselves out there, prepared with the knowledge that the naysayers will likely pop up, the thought leaders in timeshare that move into social media can also feel good about what they are doing. They are blazing new territory, opening doors and giving timeshare buyers, timeshare sellers, renters, and prospective timeshare vacationers a venue to learn, share, and explore.

It’s a brave new world for business, but it is also an exciting time to be involved.

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