Timeshares in Space? Beam Me Up

Who better to speak on the subject of space travel than Dr. Story Musgrave, the US astronaut with the most space missions and the longest service to the US space program? Musgrave, known for having flown every one the space shuttles and as the man who repaired and save the Hubble Space Telescope, will be the keynote speaker at the Trends & Innovation Travel Distribution & Investment Summit, scheduled for March 15-17, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel, Sofia Bulgaria.

Along with Story Musgrave, other distinguished speakers and panelists are: John Hazlewood, CEO TravelStoreMaker; Gerasimos Perdikaris, General Manager Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan with Starwood; representatives of Google and others from internet and travel companies worldwide.

Topics of the conference include:

  • The future of space tourism
  • Space tourism offerings available in the near future
  • Sex in space
  • Off-earth reproduction
  • Sustainability and Biodiversity in travel
  • Along with a host of down to earth topics like travel technology, trends in mobile online shopping, online booking, turning hotel websites into online travel booking portals, social media, using Facebook as a business platform and internet marketing.

The event focuses both on future trends in travel and on how the Internet challenges the travel and tourism industry. The conference also includes a juried selection of innovative and potentially revolutionary travel solutions competing to win the 2011 Travel Innovation Award.

While it may strike you at first as a bit too ‘out of this world,’ the bottom line is that space travel is an inevitability of our future and will need an infrastructure of travel, hotel, and timeshare solutions, in the same way we need them here on earth. Look for some very interesting ideas to come out of this conference.