Silverleaf Timeshare Loses Buildings to Fire in Lee, MA

A fire this past week at the Oak ‘n Spruce Resort in Lee, Massachusetts destroyed unoccupied buildings that reportedly included approximately 10 timeshare units. Early reports say the damage was to Forest Hall, others said Tanglewood Hall, but in a telephone call to the Oak ‘n Spruce Resort, we were told simply that the damage was to “old buildings, not timeshares,” implying that the buildings involved were either not timeshare units or were no longer in use as timeshare units.

Firefighters from several nearby towns responded to the fire. At least one building was already engulfed in flames at the time firefighters arrived, reportedly sometime around 6:30AM on Monday. Some Oak ‘n Spruce timeshare owners and guests say they smelled smoke as early as 5AM.

Although there were timeshare owners staying in other buildings at the Oak ‘n Spruce Resort, the two buildings destroyed were unoccupied at the time of the fire and no guest were relocated from the resort. Only one fire hydrant serves the area, which forced firefighters to use tanker trucks to haul water from a nearby lake. One building collapsed during the fire while a second building sustained severe water damage as firefighters were said to have fought the blaze for several hours.

While the cause of the fire is being investigated, there is no reason to suspect foul play at this time. The Berkshire Eagle says, “The extent of the damage has yet to be fully assessed. But the building is assessed for tax purposes at $277,800. The entire resort is valued at $24.1 million by the Lee Board of Assessors.”

The Oak ‘n Spruce Resort is part of the Silverleaf Resort family which is currently in the process of being acquired by Cerberus.

The You-Tube video below shows several views of the fire and the firefighters at work.