Looking to Rent or Sell Orlando Timeshare? Orlando Tourism Rebounding

Enjoy all the Central Florida attractions when you vacation in Orlando timeshare.In February, Visit Orlando released a revised projection for the number of people who vacationed in Central Florida in 2010—a record setting 49.8 million. Based on this number, that’s a 6.9 percent increase over 2009, according to Tourism Economics of Wayne, Pennsylvania.

The original projection for Central Florida tourism in 2010 was 48.7 million vacationers, which would have been a 4.5 percent increase over the previous year, but as Daryl Cronk, director of research at Visit Orlando says, “The good news is the recovery is coming faster than many expected.”

Although a final count for 2010 will not be released until May, speculation is that it will show Orlando tourism on track to become the first US destination to receive 50 million visitors in a single year, perhaps seeing over 51M in all.

Orlando Timeshare Resale and Orlando Timeshare Rental

If you own Orlando timeshare, or timeshare anywhere in the Central Florida area, and you are interested in reselling timeshare or using your property as a timeshare rental, then this comes as good news to you. Florida has more timeshare resorts and more individual timeshare units than does any other destination in the world, and Orlando, Florida specifically, tops the list for the vacation spot with the greatest number of timeshares.

The abundance of timeshare in the Central Florida area means two things to timeshare owners: 1. Orlando, Florida timeshare is a popular destination, and 2. Each Orlando timeshare is competing with many other properties for the attention of potential timeshare buyers or renters.

So what steps can you personally take to help rent or sell your Orlando timeshare, given the good news that tourism is strong in Central Florida? Select a timeshare resales option or timeshare rental service that can provide you high visibility on the internet. When your potential buyer or renter might be located on the other side of the world, you need a marketing outreach that is both effective and global.