5 Questions You Want Answered about Disney Timeshare

The magic of Disney can begin with a Disney timeshare vacation.Disney Vacation Club timeshare offers some of the most popular timeshare and vacation club opportunities available today. Disney timeshare is widely known for providing spacious, gracious, and flexible vacation ownership offerings, and of course, for being located at some of your favorite destinations.

But the terms of timeshare and timeshare resale ownership vary from one brand to another, so vacationers who want to buy Disney timeshare typically have specific questions. Here are answers to five of the things people often want to know before becoming a Disney timeshare owner.

1.Does my Disney timeshare limit me to only one or two weeks of vacation each year?

No, becoming a Disney Vacation Club member means you can vacation as often, and for as long as you have the timeshare points of cover. If you are short on points one year, you can borrow from the upcoming year. Likewise, if you don’t use all your Disney points, you have the option to bank them for use in the following year.

2.Which Disney Resorts are currently available for purchase?

If you are buying Disney Timeshare directly from the Disney Vacation Club, at full price, you have the option to buy at Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, Ko Olina, Hawaii; Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort; Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas; or at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. If you are buying Disney timeshare resales, then you may be able to purchase at any of the Disney resorts based on what is available on the timeshare resale market at that time.

3.What if my family increases or I need a bigger Disney timeshare in the future?

With Disney Vacation Club timeshare points, you are in control. Disney timeshare resorts range from Deluxe Studios for up to 4 people to Grand Villas for groups up to 12. Select the one that fits your vacation needs now, knowing you can make a different selection the next time you enjoy a holiday at a Disney timeshare resort. Of course, smaller timeshare units require fewer points and larger units require more points.

4.If I vacation with a larger group, do I pay extra for each adult in my group?

No, unlike many hotels and even some Disney hotels, which may charge for each person over 18 beyond two people, Disney Vacation Club timeshares are essentially a ‘flat rate’. Whether you have 2 people in your group or 12, when you buy or rent Disney timeshare you pay (or use your timeshare points) based on the size of the timeshare unit, not on the number of people in your party.

5.Do I own Disney timeshare forever?

Unlike many timeshare brands, Disney timeshare ownership has an “expiration date” with most of the properties now expiring between the years 2042 and 2060.

Regardless of whether you rent or buy Disney timeshare, buy it new or buy Disney timeshare resales, you can be assured that your Disney timeshare experience will involve quality resorts and Disney’s famous attention to detail. After all, when it comes to the magic that is uniquely Disney, you are never too young or too old to enjoy the enchantment.