Orlando Sentinel Looks at Reality of Timeshare Resales in a New Light

Orlando Sentinel writer, Sara Clarke, presented a very realistic and grounded look at the issue of timeshare resales in an April 5 article titled, “‘Free’ time shares: Owners cut losses by dumping them in online giveaways.

While the media is sometimes quick to inaccurately brand all timeshares as impossible to sell on the secondary or resales market, this article considers more candidly, viable options for what people do with timeshare they no longer wish to own.

Clarke looked first at literally giving your timeshare away, an idea used by some timeshare owners. As Alan Cole, who recently gave away his Orlando timeshare said, “We got our value out of it while we owned it.” In Cole’s case, he had purchased the timeshare as a resale, meaning he likely paid a great price for it. When he no longer wanted to own it, he was satisfied to connect with a timeshare buyer who was willing to pay the closing costs, resort transfer fee and the current year’s maintenance fees in the timeshare transfer.

In addition to interviewing us here at Sell My Timeshare NOW, the writer talks with Howard Nusbaum, president of the American Resort Development Association; a sales executive at King’s Creek Plantation luxury timeshare in Williamsburg, Va.; and Jan Anderson, director of Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshare’s resale division.

Timeshare Resale Market Reality

As I pointed out in the Orlando Sentinel article, “The Internet is bringing transparency and increasing access to the secondary market, which is clearly disrupting the primary market.”

The reality is, this is good disruption. It’s paving the way for change, growth and a more customer-centric industry. Very simply, people still buy timeshare, but they approach it differently than they once did.

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