Voting for Perspective Magazine Timeshare Awards Open

One of the highlights of the GNEX 2011 conference (May 11-12, 2011, Atlantis Resort, Bahamas) will certainly be the 1st Annual Global Networking Expo & Perspective Magazine Awards Gala and the presentation of the new Perspective Magazine Awards.

Perspective Magazine timeshare awards

These awards represent a nine-month search for the thought leaders and trendsetters in the timeshare and vacation ownership industry, as selected by the industry itself. The winners in each category will be honored as the best of the best at the prestigious gala awards ceremony.

The Perspective Magazine Awards Program will run in conjunction with the four regional titles (and their surrounding areas) of Perspective Magazine:

  • North America also including Caribbean, Mexico, South America
  • Europe & Middle East
  • South Africa also including all other African countries
  • Asia Pacific includes China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand

Some categories will feature regional winners and then overall global winners while in other categories there will be just one winner.

Timeshare and vacation ownership industry professionals can go to the Perspective homepage at: From there, follow the main link and register to vote. Registered users of must first log in to vote (one vote per nominee per voter).