Timeshare Enchantment? Ask Guy Kawasaki

Timeshare Enchantment Guy Kawasaki has written another outstanding book. That’s no longer even a news item; we’ve all come to expect it. But if you are in business, do business, or deal with business (that should get everyone), you will likely want to take an afternoon, sit on the patio, and read, Enchantment, Kawasaki’s newest excellent release.

As he makes the case for why we need enchantment in our lives, business, and endeavors, along with how to make it happen, he points out the following in answer to the question, “When is Enchantment Necessary?” (here are two of his answers)

Overcoming entrenched habits. Most of the time, habits simplify life and enable fast, safe and good decisions. But they can also prevent the adoption of a new idea that challenges the status quo. Enchantment can open the door for consideration of such a change.”


Defying a crowd. The crowd isn’t always wise. It can lead you down a path of silliness, suboptimal choices, and downright destruction. Enchantment is as necessary to get people to diverge from a crowd as it is to get them to join one.”

Let’s just accept the fact that all of us can use a little more enchantment in our lives. And if ever there is an inroad for creating enchantment, it ought to come to us via the days we set aside to relax, restore, and nurture our spirits … those days we call “Vacation Days”.

Timeshare Vacation Enchantment, the Truth Not the Silliness

Vacations are a critical. They are deserved, earned, and generally underutilized. Every vacation you take benefits your mental and physical heath. Vacations can strengthen families, refresh souls, heal relationships, and open our eyes to new possibilities. Or you can just do the same thing you did last year.

The number of people I meet who do not realize that timeshares are available as rentals constantly surprises me. They vacation in hotels and motels because that’s what they have always done. Their parents did; their friends do. They have developed an entrenched habit that perhaps is preventing them from adopting a new idea.

Renting timeshare is an excellent way to explore the possibilities of timesharing. Maybe you will hate it … but maybe you will be enchanted by it and it will open the door for consideration of change in the way you spend your leisure and vacation days.

“The crowd isn’t always wise,” says Kawasaki. Wow… never is this more accurate than on the topic of timeshare. Ask around … timeshares are some sort of bad joke … but who are you asking? Only a very slim percentage of the population has even tried a timeshare vacation. And among those who own timeshares, staggering numbers—in excess of 80 percent—consistently report that they use and enjoy their timeshares.

Ironically, many of timeshare’s biggest critics are people who know little to nothing about timesharing. They are people who do not own timeshare and have often never rented timeshare or vacationed in timeshare. They might even be considered “bashers,” you know, those people who pile on to criticize something, not because of personal knowledge, but just because someone is criticizing.

Don’t follow an unwise crowd down a path of silliness and suboptimal choices. There are great vacation opportunities in timeshare resales and timeshare rental. And you won’t know whether they enchant you or not unless you try them.