Timeshare Conference Winners Include Dial an Exchange Wins

DAE timeshare exchangeLast week at the first annual GNEX Timeshare Conference and Awards, Dial An Exchange (DAE), one of the world’s largest independent timeshare exchange organizations, earned three prestigious awards.

GNEX, the Global Networking Expo & Perspective Magazine Awards Gala, held its first global timeshare conference at the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas. The awards presentation gala was an important part of the two days of meetings and networking.

In the category: “Best Industry Leader,” Dial An Exchange CEO, Francis Taylor, was named the winner, while the timeshare exchange company itself was selected as the “Best Place To Work” in the international competition. Dial An Exchange’s customer service team was honored as the timeshare industry’s “Best Project Team.”

Timeshare Exchange

Timeshare exchange offered through Dial An Exchange or other timeshare exchange companies greatly expands the flexibility of timeshare. Gone are the days when owning timeshare meant you had to be locked into a selected week and a single venue.

Today at Dial An Exchange, with over 300,000 members around the world, and offices in Australia, the New Zealand, South Africa, Asia, the United Kingdom and the US, timeshare owners are benefitting from more ways to vacation better and greater options in timesharing.

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