Timeshare Rentals Better Deal than Ever Considering Gas Prices

According to AAA, the price of gas isn’t stopping most Americans from taking that much needed vacations, at least not when it comes to this year’s Memorial Day weekend travel.

Las Vegas timeshare rentalsGas prices over Memorial Day weekend are projected to be at $3.91 a gallon for a national US average. Nevertheless, nearly 35 million people are expected to travel during the last weekend in May, up slightly over 2010 travel numbers. But Brad Roeber, AAA Regional President, says some travelers will, “compensate for the higher fuel costs by cutting other areas of their travel budgets.”

During the Memorial Day weekend, hotels and resorts with AAA Three Diamond lodgings will average $148 per night, compared to $142 last year. Air travel prices will be up 14 percent, and gasoline is some 38 percent higher than it was this time a year ago.

So how can you travel, enjoy the vacation you need, and still cut your costs?

Timeshare rentals look even better than ever as a way to save money and still enjoy a great vacation.

Why You Save Money When You Rent Timeshare

In our blog post on Friday (Timeshare Enchantment? Ask Guy Kawasaki), I pointed out how surprising it is to me that many people do not know timeshares are available for rent. They assume you have to buy timeshare and never even consider timeshares for rent.

Yet every year, thousands of timeshare owners discover that they cannot use their timeshare this year and for some reason cannot or prefer not to use it for timeshare exchange. What these timeshare owners really want (and sometimes need) to do is use their interval as a timeshare rental, often seeking only enough in rental fees to cover or offset their annual maintenance fee. What are your options to rent timeshare? For starters, Sell My Timeshare NOW has an inventory of over 16,000 timeshares available for rent.

How Timeshare Rentals Work

Timeshare owners can make their timeshare available for rent by contacting the resort and making a reservation for another guest. When you want to rent timeshare, search the Sell My Timeshare NOW website by resort brand or by destination and you will find timeshare rentals that match your vacation plans and your budget.

Next, click on the search results to get the details on the timeshare rental that interests you, make your offer online, and the timeshare owner or a timeshare rental specialist will contact you directly to complete the rental process. You’ll find timeshare rentals with published prices below the cost of hotel rooms. You will also find many others listed as, “Price Negotiable,” perfect for bargain hunting negotiations.

Remember too that timeshares are available in studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom layouts, many sleeping as many as 12 people. For the price of one multi-bedroom timeshare rental, you and friends or family members can share the space and watch your vacation cost dip even lower.

But you’ll never know about these great prices until you visit the Sell My Timeshare NOW website and peruse the listings yourself. Don’t let the price of gas or the rising cost of hotel rooms keep you at home this summer.