Timeshare Exchange Company Makes Timeshare More Flexible by Adding Non-Timeshares

Dial An Exchange timeshare optionsDial An Exchange (DAE) North America timeshare exchange has announced its new partnership with some very special resort properties—and they are not timeshare resorts.

Through the creation of daeOptions, the more than 300,000 timeshare owners and DAE members will now be able to rent or exchange their timeshare week for a seven-night stay at a large number of non-timeshare properties. Rentals for DAE members at non-timeshare properties will be at highly discounted rates while exchanges will be available to them when they deposit their timeshare week and pay an exchange fee that ranges between $350 to $450.

The new resort destinations for daeOptions include Chicago, Illinois; San Antonio, Texas; St. Petersburg, Florida; Orlando, Florida Braintree, Massachusetts; Cambridge, Maryland; San Diego, California; Anchorage, Alaska; Oahu, Hawaii; and Whistler, British Columbia.

Tanya Bleuel, Director of Yield Management for DAE, says, “The new program opens a world of vacationing options to our members. Whether the member exchanges or rents at members’ only prices, they are getting a great deal.”

More about Dial An Exchange Timeshare Exchange

It’s interesting that Dial An Exchange has made the timeshare ownership experience better by adding non-timeshare properties to their offerings. Dial An Exchange has always been a fast growing, forward thinking leader in the industry, including offering a no-membership fee option for its member/owners. Through Dial An Exchange, timeshare exchange fees are not billed until the exchange is confirmed.

Today, DAE has offices in Europe, the United States, New Zealand, South Africa and Asia, and the United Kingdom to better serve its members.