Timeshare Jobs May Be Easier to Fill Though New Service

Timeshare companies looking to hire new employees may find the job easier with expanded features from TimeshareStaff.com

Considered the leading online job listing service for the timeshare and fractional industry in recent years, TimeshareStaff.com is introducing new Corporate Recruitment Packages. Paul Mattimoe, president and CEO of Perspective Magazine, points out the advantage TimeshareStaff.com offers because, although it is a separate company, TimeshareStaff.com is owned by the same individuals who own Perspective Magazine.

“Our multi-level online strategy produces thousands of qualified applicants for our clients each month globally, helping them fine tune their sales and marketing departments, contributing to millions of dollars in sales each year,” said Mattimoe. “Once a job is posted, it is not only exposed globally on our core websites, we list it on our dedicated Timeshare Staff Facebook page and Twitter account, which combined reaches nearly 15,000 potential candidates and we list it on our Perspective Magazine website too, providing outstanding value to our advertisers.”

TimeshareStaff.com can receive online, applications for timeshare and fractional jobs; prescreen applicants according to employer-set criteria; and then provide the company seeking to hire with the information via email.

Don’t Overlook Timeshares

For job hunters, the timeshare industry may be overlooked, especially in view of the tendency by some new outlets to paint a picture of the industry being locked in despair and gloom. Instead, people looking for careers, should consider that timeshares are an industry in evolution, changing to better serve the wants and needs of vacationing families.

Although tomorrow’s timeshare jobs may ultimately look quite different than those today, one appealing quality will remain the same. Timeshares and timeshare resales, offer a great opportunity for people looking to enjoy relaxing vacation time and beautiful destinations, and bringing that component to people’s lives is a always gratifying and rewarding to those who help make it possible.