5 Ways Timeshares Save You Money on Vacationing

Whether it’s your personal budget or the US economy, spending less is key to getting a budget under control. Many vacationers have already realized that renting timeshare or buying a timeshare resale affords them a great way to enjoy a budget-friendly vacation.

You can find excellent prices on timeshare rentals because owners who can’t use the unit that year and do not plan to exchange it are often highly negotiable regarding the rental price. If you are buying a timeshare resale at a competitive price, then you are not only locking in the cost of your vacation accommodations for years to come but you are likely realizing a dramatic savings on the purchase price.

But many of the cost saving features of timeshare vacations are less obvious. Here’s a list of more ways your timeshare saves you money on vacationing.

Timeshare Vacation Tips for Saving Money

  1. Because many timeshares offer washers and dryers in or near your unit, you can shop for fewer vacation clothes. Just as importantly, with so many airlines charging baggage fees, you can pack lighter.
  2. While eating out is part of the fun of vacationing, it is also one of the big costs. With kitchens and dining areas in most timeshare units, meals on your family vacation don’t have to cost any more than you would spend eating at home.
  3. Many timeshare resorts are vacation destinations within themselves. With so many amenities and activities on property, your family can have a great vacation without spending a lot on gas, car rentals, and admission pricing for area attractions.
  4. When you do visit nearby attractions, always check with your timeshare to see if there is courtesy transportation to these locations. You may also want to inquire whether your resort offers a shuttle to and from the airport.
  5. The option to exchange timeshare means you can vacation at a resort destination near your home, have a fully relaxing holiday, and save the time, costs and scheduling considerations of extended travel.

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