How Will Your Pet Travel to Your Timeshare Resort?

Taking the family pet along on vacation is important to many people. Boarding a pet while you travel is expensive. Finding a reliable pet sitter can be challenging. And for many people, leaving their pet behind, could make taking a vacation far less enjoyable.

Pet friendly timeshares are a great solution. They provide the whole family room to spread out, relax and enjoy the vacation. So if you and your pet have decided to vacation together this year, sparing you both a lot of separation anxiety, here are some helpful tips for traveling by car with your pet.

Pet Friendly Timeshare Tips for Safer Pet Travel

  1. Use a vehicle pet restraint that is suitable for your dog or cat. Christina Selter, founder of Bark Buckle UP, a pet safety organization in Orange County, California, says, “In a collision at 35 mph, a 60-pound dog can become a 3,000 pound projectile.”
  2. A canine harness should be sized to your bred of dog and clipped to a rear safety belt.
  3. A pet crate that’s strapped into a car safety belt works well for traveling with cats or small dogs.
  4. An automaker-approved dog guard provides a safety barrier between the rear cargo compartment and the back seat of an SUV.

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